Customer Due Diligence with IDU AML

Customer Due Diligence forms an integral part of the anti-money laundering process, but it doesn’t have to be burdensome or inhibitive; electronic tools are recognised by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) as an appropriate method to conduct identity checks and they help make Customer Due Diligence a swift and business-friendly process.

IDU AML is an innovative electronic Customer Due Diligence system; powerful and robust, it helps your business:

To support the 'risk-based approach', IDU AML provides access to a variety of datasets and services and can be tailored dependent on the risk a client relationship presents. This website provides guidance on how you get started and integrate with IDU AML through our web service. If you wish to set up a free trial, or find out more, please contact our web service support team.

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