Web services

Providing you with the ability to access our wealth of consumer data and intelligent solutions through your own systems, our web services will help your company to make swift, informed decisions and provide you with access to critical consumer data as and when you need it.

We are committed to expanding the range we provide and currently offer the following web services:


This service provides you with direct access to County Court Judgements (CCJs) for England & Wales. Invaluable to many organisations; CCJ records are extremely useful in a variety of business applications such as:

We provide CCJ records directly to your business via our REST based API; sign up and you can test the system free of charge.


Phonematch is a comprehensive database of landline and mobile numbers. Collated from a variety of reliable data sources, these numbers are provided with consent from the owner and will allow you to pro-actively engage with customers. The Phonematch web service allows direct access to these numbers, which can be integrated into your own system.

Phonematch Reverse

Calling upon our proprietary Phonematch database of landline and mobile telephone numbers, this service allows you to reverse search telephone numbers back to individuals. When a phone number is submitted to be reverse searched, the system returns the name and address of any individuals that are listed as owning or having owned that number.


Smartlink is a proprietary address link database derived from our holistic database of the UK population, detailing consumer address movements spanning over a decade. Calling upon a wealth of data, Smartlink enables you to regain contact with customers within your database that have moved home.

People Search

Integrate the search facilities of our powerful name and address databases directly into your application. The People Search API provides Electoral Roll 1997 - Current and also the Tracesmart Register. With many options on how to search this powerful API allows you to integrate a People Searching facilities where you need them.


Conducting robust identity checks as part of Customer Due Diligence is an essential of part of anti-money laundering practice. Our IDU AML solution not only provides a comprehensive identity verification check, but also identifies risk associated with individuals.

Accessible via our SOAP based web service, IDU AML will allow you to:

You can integrate our Customer Due Diligence solution directly into your existing systems, providing a seamless experience for both your business and clients.

To trial the IDU AML system, please contact our web service support team who will set up a free trial account.

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