People Search Web Service Overview

People Search provides access to our extensive name and address database, as used within the TraceIQ and Peopletracer products. The service can be provided with access to the full dataset or Electoral Roll 2002 - 2013 only.

The People Search API combines the 2002 - 2013 Electoral Roll with the Tracesmart Register. The Tracesmart Register is a comprehensive consumer database that is exclusive to us. Compiled from a wealth of Data Protection compliant sources, the register currently holds contact information for the majority of UK residents. We continually update the Tracesmart Register database via our extensive consumer data acquisition program, ensuring we hold the most exhaustive consumer universe available.

The People Search REST based web service is accessible securely via HTTPS, utilising OAuth for authentication.

The service utilises the standard HTTP GET and POST methods; your system makes a search request containing a set of parameters sent as standard key/value pairs, our service then searches all current People Search records to locate possible matches based on the values provided. The names, addresses, dates of birth and the status are then returned as a JSON encoded object.

The People Search API will provide full name, address, DOB, age and source information. You will also enjoy:

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