IDU (SOAP) API Overview

Identifying new Consumers

Customer Due Diligence forms an integral part of the anti-money laundering process, but it doesn’t have to be burdensome or inhibitive; electronic tools are recognised by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) as a way of supporting a business’s identity checking processes and they help make Customer Due Diligence a less intrusive and more business-friendly process*.

IDU is an innovative electronic Customer Due Diligence tool; powerful and robust, providing capability that can help you meet your business compliance obligations:

*To support the 'risk-based approach', IDU provides access to a variety of datasets and services and can be tailored dependent on the risk a client relationship presents.

Note that LexisNexis® does not take responsibility for your compliance obligations and your organisation must decide on the IDU datasets and tools that it wants to use to meet its JMLSG obligations.

Managing Identity

Knowing that you are dealing with the right returning consumer is important. Even more so when they want to complete a higher risk transaction. IDU has a variety of verification and authentication options to build confidence and reduce your risk.

This website provides guidance on how you get started and integrate with IDU through our web service. You will need to request access by setting up a free trial; or to find out more please contact our web service support team.

API Best Practice

To benefit from the latest IDU functionality and data, consider upgrading your API version regularly. Contact
your account manager for more information.