County Court Judgement Web Service Overview

County Courts in England & Wales are able to enforce a judgement on debtors who have defaulted on their debts. After a CCJ has been registered the debtor has 28 days to pay the debt, if the debt is paid within 28 days the debtor can apply for the CCJ record to be removed. If the debtor pays the debt after 28 days, the record of the CCJ will remain.

Recorded on the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines for six years, CCJ records are invaluable for a variety of business processes such as:

The CCJ Simple Web Service provides a simple Yes or No response to indicate whether a CCJ result is available. Full details can then be purchased individually from Trust Online.

The CCJ REST based web service is accessible securely via HTTPS, utilising OAuth for authentication.

The service utilises the standard HTTP GET and POST methods; your system makes a search request containing a set of parameters sent as standard key/value pairs, our service then searches all current CCJ records to locate possible matches based on the values provided. A Y or N flag is then returned over a JSON encoded object.

Through the service you are able to retrieve the details of any CCJ record which is currently registered, directly from our web servers. You will also enjoy:

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