How to search with the CCJ web service

There is a possibility that the details you provide for a search are different to the details on an individual’s County Court Judgement (CCJ) record; variations in names and misspellings can result in a match not being achieved, even though there is a CCJ record relating to the individual.

To help ensure you achieve the highest possible match rates, the CCJ web service provides a variety of different data searching options, which can be turned on or off dependent on your needs.

Alias matching

Allows you to retrieve CCJ records which contain commonly accepted alternatives to the forename provided in a request. For example, a search for ‘Elizabeth Smith’ can provide results for ‘Liz Smith’ and ‘Lizzy Smith’.

Fuzzy name matching

Retrieves CCJ records even when the forename in the request is misspelt or spelt differently to the one contained in the record; for example CCJ records for ‘Matthew Jones’ can be retrieved even when searching for ‘Mathew Jones’, ‘Natthew Jones’ or ‘Matthee Jones’.

Strict middle name

By default, records both with and without middle name are returned. This option ensures that only records which contain the same middle name as provided in the request are returned.

The search options can be turned on and off within the search object parameters – please review the sending a request page to find out how this is facilitated.