Smartlink Web Service Overview

Smartlink is a proprietary forwarding address link database derived from our holistic database of the UK population detailing consumer address movement spanning over a decade. Calling upon a wealth of up-to-date data, Smartlink will enable you to regain contact with customers and prospects within your database that have moved home.

The Smartlink REST based web service is accessible securely via HTTPS, utilising OAuth for authentication.

The service utilises the standard HTTP GET and POST methods; your system makes a search request containing a set of parameters sent as standard key/value pairs, our service then searches all current Smartlink records to locate possible matches based on the values provided. The forwarding names and addresses are then returned as a JSON encoded object.

Through the Smartlink web service you can obtain millions of forwarding addresses not available from any other source.

Past and present address information is collated from an abundance of data sources, which are evaluated and processed via Smartlink’s intuitive tracing scorecard to create an address movement history that you can rely on.

What are the benefits of Smartlink?

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