Getting started with the Phonematch web service

This site supplies full details on how to set up a free demo account and utilise our Phonematch web service. However, if you do need any support in getting started, please contact our web service support team who are available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

T 029 2067 8555

Alternatively, if you have an account manager, you can contact them directly.

To utilise the Phonematch web service, please follow the steps below.

Phonematch web service pre-requisites

The Phonematch web service utilises REST transfer protocol, and to be able to access this service you must ensure:

Step 1 – Setting up your free demo account

To set up a free demo account for the Phonematch web service, you simply need to complete the free demo registration form and submit. This will generate an account for you, where you will find both your consumer key and secret – these details will be used for authentication purposes when using the Phonematch web service.

To access the Phonematch web service, you will need credits in your account. A sales representative will contact you and provide you with some free credits to use on your demo account.

T 029 2067 8555

Step 2 – Sending a request

To access records via the Phonematch web service, you will need to make a request to our web servers. The request should be sent via HTTP and contain the values on which you wish to base your Phonematch search.

Please review the sending a request webpage for a detailed breakdown of what you need to do to send a request.

Step 3 – Receiving a response

Following the request being made, the Phonematch web service will supply a response in sub-second time. If the service successfully matches the information provided in the request to one or more Phonematch records, the details contained within these records will be returned as values within the response.

For a breakdown of what a response will contain, please visit the receiving a response page.

* For demo and testing purposes, we will supply you with a limited amount of free credits.