Phonematch Reverse Web Service Overview

Phonematch Reverse provides the ability to obtain the name and address of the owner or previous owner of a mobile or landline phone number. This process is frequently described as a reverse telephone search. The Phonematch Reverse search has a further option to perform a Phonematch search on the name and address returned to find other telephone numbers related to that individual.

This service can be used for a variety of purposes such as validating the telephone number a customer provides matches the given name and address, or speeding up the data capture process within a call centre environment.

The Phonematch Reverse REST based web service is accessible securely via HTTPS, utilising OAuth for authentication.

The service utilises the standard HTTP GET and POST methods; your system makes a search request containing a set of parameters sent as standard key/value pairs, our service then searches all current Phonematch records to locate possible matches based on the values provided. The results are then returned as a JSON encoded object.

The Phonematch Reverse web service allows you to obtain name and address information associated with a telephone number, something which is not possible with the official UK Telephone Directory. All of the landline and telephone numbers contained in the Phonematch directory, which Phonematch Reverse calls upon, are collated from a variety of reliable data sources and are provided with consent from the owner. There is no information from the official UK telephone Directory contained within the Phonematch directory.

The reverse telephone search service has the following key features.

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